Pushing the Boundaries of Achievement: A Series on the Latest Evolution of Applied Neuroscience Pushing the Boundaries of Achievement: A Series on the Latest Evolution of Applied Neuroscience

An interactive discussion series

Join a team of leading neuroscientists and education specialists for a weekly, interactive, online series that reveals how to understand and extract the untapped potential in everyone, ways to recognize and develop often hidden strengths, and how to give everyone the tools to gain that competitive edge in their lives and beyond.

Each session will be led by field experts and will explore the following topics:

  • understanding how to engage and harness the attention of all learners;
  • the use of neurotechnology in learning;
  • the importance of neuroplasticity in relation to learner success; and
  • the latest best practices for improving outcomes.
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The Pushing The Boundaries of Achievement Series is presented by Elite Performance Solutions Inc (USA) in a global partnership with LearnFast (Australia), BrainMaps (China), BrainFit (Singapore), and Stronger Brains (USA). The weekly discussions aim to provide educators, performance coaches, executives, parents and researchers with some of the latest thought leadership and developments in neuroscience for learning and performance. Each section will consist of a brief lecture, followed by a panel discussion and a question and answer period.


Henry Mahncke, PhD » Henry Mahncke, PhD Henry Mahncke, PhD
Dr. Henry Mahncke is the CEO of Posit Science. He joined Posit Science at its inception in 2003 as Vice President of Research & Outcomes, where he led the first large-scale clinical trials of a publicly available cognitive training program. He became CEO of Posit Science in 2011. Previously, he served as consultant at McKinsey focused on health care and video games, and then as a science and technology advisor to the British government. Dr. Mahncke earned his PhD in Neuroscience at the University of California, San Francisco.

Building Better Brains
LIVE: Tuesday/Wednesday, April 20/21

5:00 PM Pacific Time (April 20)
8:00 PM Eastern Time (April 20)
8:00 AM Singapore/Shanghai Time (April 21)
10:00 AM Queensland Time (April 21)

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Brandon Larson » Brandon Larson Brandon Larson
Brandon Larson is a mechanical engineer and systems theorist turned human performance researcher. His career has spanned research and development roles at NASA and The Boeing Company, several excursions into the startup world, and innovation work to build better performance outcomes for some of the world's most elite athletes as part of a “skunk works” sport science team at Red Bull. Across these roles Brandon has deployed team productivity/coaching tools to a 176,000 employee cohort, brought six consumer products to life from napkin to market, advised successfully funded startups in the wellbeing space, as well as advised the C-Suite of a $7.98B revenue company on innovation. In his time at Red Bull, Brandon led efforts to support over 900 elite athletes across 142 disciplines in chasing dreams to 26 Olympic medals, 201 X-Games medals, 219 World Championship medals, 245 National Titles, one jump from the edge of space, and many other achievements that don’t have typical mainstream labels. Today, Brandon is passionately obsessed with understanding human nature - helping parents apply the science of human development to inform their parenting and early education practices.

Team Building and the Impact on Resilience
LIVE: Tuesday/Wednesday, May 18/19

5:00 PM Pacific Time (May 18)
8:00 PM Eastern Time (May 18)
8:00 AM Singapore/Shanghai Time (May 19)
10:00 AM Queensland Time (May 19)

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Steve Miller, PhD » Brandon Larson Steve Miller, PhD
Steve works as an applied neuroscientist and technology executive with more than 25 years of industry experience. Dr. Miller authored or co-authored more than 100 publications including numerous multi-site research studies, commercial software programs and U.S. Patents. A majority of his patents have been licensed, brought to commercial practice and in 2000 he was a co-recipient of the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award in Medicine for this work. As a business executive, he is a passionate collaborator with broad business experience in technology transfer, translational research, business incorporation, venture funding for the start-up phases of several companies including a successful IPO with Scientific Learning Corporation.

Better Business Brains using Neuroscience
LIVE: Tuesday/Wednesday, June 29/30

5:00 PM Pacific Time (June 29)
8:00 PM Eastern Time (June 29)
8:00 AM Singapore/Shanghai Time (June 30)
10:00 AM Queensland Time (June 30)

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