Our Mission

Composed of a team of the nation’s leading neuroscientists, Elite Performance Solutions
serves to further the field of neurotechnology.

What We Do

  • We apply proven research on how the brain works to accelerate human performance
  • We produce patented solutions essential for academic, career, and lifelong success.
  • We are committed to transparency with our colleagues, business partners, and customers.

What We Believe

  • We believe everyone has the capability to improve their performance based on targeted neuroplasticity training;
  • We believe that when the training is physiologically relevant, targeted and effective the benefits of training are almost immediate, powerful and practical; and
  • We believe in continuous improvement as an organization. We welcome partnerships in getting this important work done. Work that will lead to an enhanced understanding of neuroperformance and brain wellness.
  • We are committed to a world where all people can achieve their performance potential.