Introducing Elite Focus


Picture a pedometer for your brain. Elite Focus is an innovative training and biofeedback tool that helps learners remain attentive and become more productive by linking feedback from their device (such as a tablet or phone) to their attention level. With Elite Focus, users master their attention and foster mindfulness—all while working. Over time, the scientifically proven approach used in the Elite Focus program improves the executive skills that control the learning process, allowing the brain to stay better focused for longer.
Elite Focus

On average, users have seen a significant increase in learning comprehension within an hour of using attention-based neurofeedback.

It's proven.

With a  team of highly recognized and celebrated neuroscientists behind the product’s design, Elite Focus is the first of its kind in tailored, targeted neurotechnology that observes and reports the mind’s attentional focus in order to enhance neuroplasticity and improve an individual’s brain’s cognitive agility.

It’s convenient.

Within 30 minutes, Elite Focus provides practical and actionable information. While a student performs a task, Elite Focus provides real-time data that is then interpreted and presented to the instructor in a user-friendly interface—no PhD required.

It’s efficient.

Within one minute of startup, Elite Focus is at work with the user, providing immediate visual or audible feedback cues in response to attention level. The app gently reminds the user when their attention is sliding and, over time, Elite Focus will help users crack the code of when is the best time to focus—all based on rigorously reviewed and tested scientific evidence.

It’s comprehensive.

Observing how each brain functions uniquely while at work, gives instructors the complete picture of a student’s learning style. Combined with a tailored curriculum, Elite Focus offers the missing piece to the puzzle—how and when information is best delivered based on a student’s level of focus.

Elite Focus Can Benefit:

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