What is Elite FOCUS?

Elite FOCUS is a unique tool that provides users with real-time attention training and notifications. Using a simple and safe headset, Elite FOCUS measures an individual users’ attention levels during various digital or non-digital activities, such as reading, watching videos, researching, writing essays, and more. The software notifies users when their attention decreases by dimming screen brightness or playing a sound. The better the attention, the brighter the screen. This feedback helps users become more mindful and efficient in using digital applications. Users can track their average attention scores over time and attention variability. Elite FOCUS also helps users develop a better focus for learning by linking study time and success with focus and concentration.

Who should use Elite FOCUS?

Any user seeking to build attentional skills and metacognitive skills is a good candidate for Elite FOCUS. FOCUS helps users become more mindful of their cognitive abilities (e.g. attention, memory, etc.), which recent research suggests has a positive relationship to improved academic achievement.

Does Elite FOCUS claim to provide therapeutic benefits?

Elite FOCUS is not a treatment for any disorder. It offers users a tool to better understand the connection between cognitive skills and learning. This “awareness” of one’s attention improves learning behaviors during studying.

Can I use Elite FOCUS with any instructional material?

Currently, the active feedback mode of Elite FOCUS works with any materials or activities that are accessible using an Android tablet. Passive training can be completed doing any activity that does not involve an android device, and feedback can be provided by auditory cues, or a simple summary report at the conclusion of the training session.

How do I keep my Elite FOCUS results?

At the end of the session, users have the option to sync their results, which saves them to their personal account in the cloud. Session data are stored under the user’s personal profile so that they may be retrieved at any time in the future or be shared with others. Future updates to Elite FOCUS will include the ability to save and export more granular attention metrics, allowing for more in depth individual analysis, aggregate analysis of groups over time and more abstract analyses involving interoperable systems or data sets.

What is Elite Cooldown?

Elite Cooldown is a neurofeedback application that aids in relaxation and recovery by targeting the brain network associated with ‘unfocusing’. This allows the brain to enter recovery mode, which is crucial for memory, creativity, and decision-making. By enhancing ‘unfocus’ brain skills, users can improve their relaxation abilities, sleep quality, and recovery. CoolDown can be integrated into existing routines through activities like meditation, yoga, reading, or listening to music. By training the brain to efficiently unfocus, it can improve sleep quality and recovery.

Who should use Elite CoolDown?

Any user who wants to be in a more relaxed state. Cooldown helps users recognise what it feels like and, more importantly, keep you there. CoolDown can improve your sleep quality and recovery by training your brain to unfocus and relax more efficiently.

How do I keep my Elite CoolDown results?

Elite CoolDown allows users to sync session results, saving them to their personal cloud account. This data can be retrieved at any time and shared with anyone. Future updates will include granular relaxation metrics for in-depth individual analysis, aggregate group analysis over time, and abstract analyses involving interoperable systems or data sets.

How do I use the Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) Portal?
To login to the EPS Portal, go to https://portal.eliteperformancesolutions.com/login and login by entering your username and password. The same login you use to access the FOCUS, CoolDown, Cognitive Combine, or CogFit applications. Once logged in, you can edit your profile, review all of your historical session data, and generate and share reports.
Which Operating Systems are compatible with Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) Products?
EPS Portal platform is browser-based and accessible using common internet browsers like Firefox or Chrome. Software applications Cognitive Combine, CogFit, FOCUS, and CoolDown are available on Android versions 11-14. Future releases will run on iOS and Windows. To stay updated on future versions, contact Elite Performance Solutions at https://www.eliteperformancesolutions.com/contact/
Which Android hardware devices are compatible with Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) products?

EPS products are compatible with any Android device or tablet running Android OS version 11 to 14. Tablets and other devices must have an active Internet connection as well as Bluetooth capability.

What type of headsets does Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) use, and what specific models does it support?

EPS currently partners with multiple headset providers using headsets that vary in functionality and cost. Headsets may utilize a wireless USB adapter and Bluetooth adapter or provide direct Bluetooth connectivity. These devices are bundled with Elite FOCUS or CoolDown to provide a revolutionary learning experience for users. We are developing our software applications to be platform and device-agnostic, allowing users to determine the best solution for their value.

Are there any undesired or dangerous side-effects associated with using a headset?

No. EPS technology is very similar to other software programs that include the use of a microphone or headphones. The use of our biosensors to measure cognitive abilities like attention is completely safe. The brain is constantly generating electrical signals when you’re thinking. Using biosensors, these signals can be detected from outside your head, and we are simply listening to those signals. EPS headsets use the same basic approach to listen to the brain that doctors and scientists have used for more than 90 years.

How does Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) use data and how are data protected?

EPS products collect data from a customer for the sole purpose and benefit of serving that customer. No personally identifying information is ever shared with anyone other than the user or their designee (teacher, parent, etc.). The brainwave data are run through an algorithm that generates a cognitive state metric (e.g., attention metric or relaxation metric). Once that cognitive state metric is generated, the brainwave data are separated from all personal identifying information. The cognitive state metrics are the byproduct of the brainwave data, and it informs the analysis driving subsequent instructional activities. The data remain available to customers as long as they have an active account. For instance, students studying a chapter for a test may want to keep their notes and attention data for additional study opportunities. EPS does not and will not collect nor store any personally identifiable biometric data.

Does Elite Performance Solutions (EPS) disclose ANY personally identifying data?

Elite Performance Solutions will not share any personally identifying information about you with any third party (a party not affiliated with EPS) except as otherwise stated herein and in the following circumstances: (i) in response to subpoenas, court orders or legal process, to the extent required and as restricted by law; (ii) when disclosure is required to maintain the security and integrity of this Service, or to protect any user’s security or the security of other persons, consistent with applicable laws; (iii) when disclosure is directed or consented to by the user who has inputted the personally-identifying information.

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