Our Research

Elite Performance Solutions is at the forefront of bringing neuroscience into the field of performance and training.

We are making strides with the release of products such as our Elite Focus program and we continue to work in development of novel and accessible neurotechnology to help anyone improve their cognitive abilities.

We have identified and replicated neurophysiological measures of optimal neurocognitive performance and training. Simply put, we know how to measure what works when it comes to the brain. Our team has more than twenty years’ experience in building award winning programs aimed to improve brain performance, targeted neuroplasticity training, and brain health. We’ve developed performance optimization programs that increase brain processing speed, visual processing speed, and attentional focus, among others.

In addition to our performance research, we’ve developed scientifically validated toolkits that go beyond training and offer a complete suite of services including neurocognitive evaluation, targeted neuroplasticity programs and on-going program support.

Most important, we’ve developed these solutions for use in organizations of any size. We have built neurotesting labs around the world, including those in support of Fortune 100 companies. We offer cloud-based training options as well as certification for coaches interested in helping individuals with their neuroperformance training so facilities have what they need to build their offerings in a matter of weeks to months.