With Cognitive Combine complete, now you can focus on your daily preparation and readiness. Our CogFit application lets you know whether today is the day to try and break a personal best/record or if today is a day better suited for recovery. CogFit provides daily measurement of cognitive readiness by getting insights from your dayto- day activities.

How does it work?

Cogfit can be taken anywhere and completed on your phone within 5 minutes. Use it before you are going to train or compete, to determine your readiness. It gathers insights on trends from jetlag, stress, changes in eating habits, a major event, and more on your brain’s day-to-day function and sees the impact of the night before on today’s cognition. If needed, we recommend brain activities and warm-ups aligned with your current goals. You stretch and warm-up your body now let us personalize your neurocognitive warmup as well.

Train and Track Optimized

screenshotAll your data is kept in our secure portal platform. It saves all your results in the cloud for easy reference and access.

Visualize your performance and share it with your coaches or trainers to better understand you. Go back and see how your vital signs have changed over time from off-season recovery, in-season grind, fatigue, and more.

If you wish to know more information and find out the latest developments in neurotechnology, email us at info@eliteperform.org