EPS Assessment

Peak performance requires dedication to your craft. Countless hours of practice, a tailored diet, and relentless physical training. Why would your brain be any different? We’ve developed a series of cognitive assessments to help give you the insight you need to maximize your potential.

To start, you need to go through our COGNITIVE COMBINE

Understand your cognitive vital signs to personalize your training and improve performance. Areas we target include:

  • Reaction Speed
  • Recognition
  • Memory
  • Decision Making
  • Processing Speed
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • And more

Why is it important?

Neuroimaging technology and analytics enable teams and individuals to see how their brain functions. By doing so, you can identify key strengths and weaknesses and target areas for training to maximize performance for each person. It helps coaches and leaders to understand what makes a person good at what they do and how to find more people like them.

How does it work?

screenshotCognitive Combine has received FDA clearance as a tool that we use to benchmark your brain’s vital signs and readiness. It can be completed within 15- 20 minutes and provides an evaluation of a person’s unique neurocognitive abilities. After your initial use, we recommend continued use either monthly or quarterly depending on organizational need.

If you wish to know more information and find out the latest developments in neurotechnology, email us at info@eliteperform.org