When you wake up to start your day, how often do you truly feel rested? If the answer is not enough, you’re not alone. 44% of adults surveyed believe that their sleep has gotten worse over the last 5 years, and 8 out of every 10 people wish they could do something to improve their overall sleep. Good sleep doesn’t only impact your energy levels but has a high correlation to depression, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, neurocognitive disease, and even cancer.

79 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems and poor sleep health resulting in sleep deprivation

So why is quality sleep becoming harder to come by? There’s a lot of reasons. Higher levels of stress and anxiety during the day, more things vying for our attention, caffeine, doomscrolling… the list goes on and on. The point is, whether you’re a professional athlete who has a hard time coming back down from a big game, or a student studying for a major exam, quality sleep impacts our ability to function at our best when we need it most.

Enter Elite CoolDown

A neurofeedback application that helps you wind down, relax, and recover. CoolDown targets the use of a brain network that is associated with ‘unfocusing’ your brain, essentially allowing your brain to go into recovery mode which is critical for memory, creativity, decision making, and more. By flexing your ‘unfocus’ brain skills, you can improve your ability to relax, and help build towards better sleep and improved recovery.

CoolDown can be incorporated into your existing routine a number of ways. Whether through activities like meditation, yoga, reading a book, or even listening to music, CoolDown can actively guide you into a more relaxed state, help you recognize what it feels like, and most importantly, help keep you there. By training your brain to more efficiently unfocus, we can target improving your quality of sleep, leading to better recovery.

Tracking your use and improvement is easy via the EPS portal. As an individual user, you can get metrics on your use, how well you’re doing, and even dig into the data to see which activities help you relax and recover the best. If you’re a coach or an instructor, you can use the portal to not only see how well CoolDown is being used by your group, but also can assign CoolDown sessions as homework or as training throughout the week.

Ramping up for a game, board meeting, or test is easy, cooling down is where the challenge is

At EPS we’re leveraging the latest and greatest in the field of neuroscience to help improve your performance. Let us help you gain a better understanding of your own brain, what makes you who you are, and maximize your ability to be at your best. We all want a good night’s rest, so take control, and start your CoolDown today if you want to take the guess workout of relaxation.

If you wish to know more information and find out the latest developments in neurotechnology, email us at info@eliteperform.org